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Show your Inaugural GRVR pride!

I am apparently bad at math and as a result we have a bunch of extra #GRVR16 iron-on patches. I figure we should get them out there ASAP seeing as the inaugural Ginger Runner Virtual Run is only a few days away.

These are custom, high quality, embroidered iron-on patches that you can iron onto any fabric you like. If you'd prefer not to iron them on, you can always stitch them onto the garment or pack of choice. 

We will be shipping these as soon as possible, so keep your eyes peeled. If you live in the US, they should arrive before Saturday's GRVR or early next week. If you are international, obviously shipping takes a bit longer so you will receive them soon. While you might not get to rock them on November 19th, you'll get to show off that you support everything we're doing here and you rock extra hard!

Directions to apply the patch: 
The embroidered iron-on patch is something new and fun. As an iron-on accessory, the patch normally requires a super hot iron to apply, but if you are applying to a synthetic material of any sort, I encourage you to take precautions so as to not melt or burn the fabrics of your items. I recently ironed the patch onto my hydration vest using an iron set to medium heat and some careful patience. I moved the iron a lot, let the glue on the back of the patch warm up slowly and let it melt into the pack's fabric over a longer period of time. Consider using a thin cotton t-shirt or some other barrier between the iron and patch. Basically, use common sense, don't get the fabrics so hot they melt, and have fun rocking the unique custom patch :)

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