2018 GINGER RUNNER WRAP - "Geometric" - Limited Edition Gus Fundraiser

$ 10.00 $ 20.00


We are so excited to finally release the new series of Limited Edition 2018 Ginger Runner Wraps! All proceeds from this round of designs go straight to paying recently incurred vet bills for our pup, Gus.

This "Geometric" design features a modern, angular look with bold, yet understated muted colors. "Geometric" also includes large bold font elements, topographical map elements and, as with the other wraps in this collection, our little Gus Paw "Power-up" logo to help make this wrap standout amongst the crowd and deliver that extra little motivation when you need it most. You'll definitely want to snag this wrap to add to your collection!


Here's some backstory on our pup and what he's been through. On May 24th, 2018, our rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Gus, was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma - a type of cancer that grew a tumor on his lower jaw bone. Our only choice was to have it and part of his lower jaw removed. On June 8th, Gus underwent a bi-lateral rostral mandibulectomy to remove the cancer and front half of his lower jaw. His recovery took weeks of special care, including needing to re-learn to eat with his new mouth. He now has a tongue that sticks out permanently and makes everyone smile that sees it! Four weeks later, he had to undergo emergency surgery to repair the skin in his lower jaw from exposing the bone. He just underwent his third (and hopefully final) surgery to repair and remove overactive salivary glands that were causing a sialocele, risking breathing and on-going infection issues. It's been a rough summer for the lil guy, but he's taken it all in stride and is as happy (and cuddly) as ever! 


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