2017 GINGER RUNNER WRAP COMBO PACK - "Ink Rainier" & "The Striper"

$ 36.00

This is the best deal around! Get each of the brand new 2017 Ginger Runner wraps. Not only will you get "The Striper" for those days you need to match your wrap with anything and everything, but you'll also get one of the Limited Edition, colorful and unique "Ink Rainier" versions as well. One for traininer, one for racing!

Some detail highlights include the "Train Harder Race Harder Party Hardest" motto for all to see. It also features the fun new "GNGR RNNR" logo that when worn from the neck over the lower face positions perfectly over the mouth. Finally, the design features a topographical map of one of the Ginger Runner's favorite national parks. 

I have limited the total number you can purchase to 6. These are in-stock while supplies last and will ship as soon as possible! 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Yes, I ship international! I tend to use USPS to save you on cost, but that also means it can take some time to arrive to you. So be patient! Also, it has happened very rarely, but international shipping providers can charge you duty or customs fees. I have no control over this so just know you may run into that when ordering international. I will not pay for any customs fees incurred. I can neither predict or change when it occurs as it is up to the discretion of the local mail delivery services. Consult your local mail delivery for their policies.

US SHIPPING: You will get a tracking number by default from USPS. It (for some reason) will not work and won't track your package seeing as the shipping takes very few days. This is a default setting I'm currently trying to remedy so as to not confuse anything.

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