A DECADE ON - Director's Commentary Track featuring Brian Morrison

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In 2006, a young Seattle ultrarunner, Brian Morrison, attempted his first Western States 100. He found himself in first place as he entered the historic finishing track, but unfortunately, after using all of his strength to get there, his body gave out within feet of the finish. As a result, his crew helped him to his feet which ultimately lead him to not finish under his own power, resulting in a "Did Not Finish". 10 years later, Brian returned to finally get his coveted Western States 100 buckle. 

My recent documentary, A Decade On, follows Brian on his 10 year quest to finish the race. This bonus download features both Brian and myself talking through the movie with lots of behind-the-scenes stories and information that was either cut from the documentary or purposefully excluded. This is a great chance to meet Brian, here more of his incredible story and support the film project all at the same time.

The download includes a full-length video of Brian and myself talking over the "director's cut" of the film as well as an additional .mp3 for your listening pleasure if that's more to your liking. Brian and I were able to do multiple Q&A sessions while we took the film on tour across some of the West and Southeast of the U.S. This bonus feature answers many of the common questions that came up during those sessions. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy a peek behind the larger documentary.

Once purchased, you will download a single 3.5 gig compressed ".zip" file that will include both the movie and audio files. Make sure your software can open and uncompress common .zip files. The movie file size is 3.4 gigs to optimize quality. Video format is .mp4 which should work with any Quicktime software or VLC equivalent. The audio is in .mp3 format and works in all audio devices. Audio file size is 44mb.

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